Window Seat (edit) (2004)

from by Steve Peters



This piece was made as a site-specific sound installation at the Santa Fe Art Institute in 2004, but it is directly related to the earlier Sight Specifics series.

Window Seat was made for a small space (basically, an open closet) in the administrative office of the Art Institute. It is just large enough for one person to sit in, but has a floor-to-ceiling window looking out on the main entrance to the building. I asked four people to describe what they saw out the window. Visitors then sat in front of the window and listened on headphones, hearing a mix of the voices, field recordings made outside the window, and live ambient sound from a microphone hidden outside the window.

This is an edited version, and the spaces between the voices are much shorter. The original piece is about 45 minutes long and moves at a considerably slower pace.


from Sight Specifics, released August 6, 2009
David Dunn, Jackie M, Ann Racuya-Robbins, Gene Youngblood - spoken text

Steve Peters - field recordings, editing, mixing




Steve Peters Seattle, Washington

I make music and sound using field recordings, acoustic instruments, found/natural objects, electronics, and voices. Much of this work is site-specific or place oriented. Thank you for listening.

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