hover (2011)

from by Steve Peters



This was an eight-channel collaborative installation with visual artist Christine Wallers at the Experimental Sound Studio's Audible Gallery in Chicago.

The visual component consisted of hundreds of lines of monofilament and thin copper wire strung overhead, spanning the gallery and catching the natural light.

The sound is inspired by ear-witness descriptions of the mysterious phenomenon of auroral sound associated with the Northern Lights. Sounds were constructed in the studio using various objects to emulate peoples' written descriptions of their experience of hearing auroral sound. Other sounds were derived through the same process used in the Chamber Music series, but applied to a recording made out of doors late at night in a quiet place.

This mix takes an hour-long stereo version of the piece, cuts it in half, and superimposes the two halves to make a 30-minute piece. While it is here twice as dense as the gallery mix, it still retains the sparse feeling of the original.


from first light | hover, released October 31, 2011
Thanks to Lou Mallozzi and staff at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago.




Steve Peters Seattle, Washington

I make music and sound using field recordings, acoustic instruments, found/natural objects, electronics, and voices. Much of this work is site-specific or place oriented. Thank you for listening.


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