Lingua Franca (2013)

by Steve Peters



Available on CD and digital download from Present Sounds Recordings (PS1302) -

These two site-based works – one made for a botanical park in Chicago, the other in the mountains of Portugal – are quite different, yet related to each other (and to The Very Rich Hours, 2009) in their use of language, specifically Latin. As both the sacred language of Christianity and the taxonomic language of Science, Latin represents the convergence of two historically contentious modes of Western thought. The fact that they share this otherwise archaic language gives me hope that we might someday reconcile our imagined contradictions between the spiritual world and the physical one.


released October 20, 2013

Composed & produced by Steve Peters

Design by Wing Fong

Cover photo by Manuela Barile/Binaural


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Steve Peters Seattle, Washington

I make music and sound using field recordings, acoustic instruments, found/natural objects, electronics, and voices. Much of this work is site-specific or place oriented. Thank you for listening.

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