Framework Remix

by Seattle Phonographers Union



Since moving to Seattle in 2004 I've performed with the Seattle Phonographers Union, a collective of artists from various backgrounds who improvise using only unprocessed field recordings.

This mix was made for Framework, an internationally syndicated radio program dedicated to field recording. I asked Union members for unreleased solo works that don't necessarily adhere to the strict limitations of our live performances; location recordings are here freely combined with musical instruments or subjected to electronic processing. It was understood that I would (respectfully) edit and layer these works to create a new stand-alone radio piece.

The source works are by Perri Howard, Christopher DeLaurenti, Pete Comely, Steve Barsotti, Jonathan Way, Dale Lloyd, Steve Peters, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, and Robert Millis.

The 55-minute piece has here been divided into two sections. Enter/exit timings for each artist are shown in the track info.


released March 14, 2010

First aired on Framework Radio on March 14, 2010. Thanks to Patrick McGinley for the invitation.

Seattle Phonographers Union -

Photo by Steve Barsotti




Steve Peters Seattle, Washington

I make music and sound using field recordings, acoustic instruments, found/natural objects, electronics, and voices. Much of this work is site-specific or place oriented. Thank you for listening.
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